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We have made this Sadhu board with love especially for you.

We wish you a wonderful practice of Sadhu and meditation on the board made by us. We hope you will enjoy your Sadhu board for many years to come.

доска садху

Nailstand is a kind of meditation, when a person leaves the comfort zone and consciously exposes the body and mind to stress in order to overcome pain and fear.
If you are new-comer to nails, then this practice will be a great discovery for you. For the first time, standing on the Sadhu board, you feel your mind opening, you feel a rush of energy and even the colors become brighter. Therefore, do not be afraid, there is nothing dangerous in the practice of standing on nails, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.


It takes a strong will to stand on the Sadhu board even for a short time. You can dedicate this decision to the fulfillment of some of your desires, and then a huge influx of energy will direct your intentions to its implementation, sweeping away all obstacles, doubts and laziness on your way.

Standing on nails has a strong health-improving effect on the whole body.
Start practicing the Sadhu nails for a few seconds, then increase to a few minutes, and then increase the practice time even more when you are ready.

If you are a beginner, you can practice in socks or barefoot as soon as you are ready.

It is very important to have a positive attitude when you start your practice.
Standing on nails is a kind of meditation. You will learn to control your mind in a stressful situation. It helps control thoughts and emotions.

садху доска

We are sure that everything will work out for you. This Sadhu board will help you become stronger in mind and body and you will achieve all your goals.

The benefitі of nail standing on the Sadhu board

  • Gives an instant influx of energy (in yoga, the accumulation of favorable energy is called Tapas).
  • Purifies the consciousness due to the development of concentration (Dharana) and not involving the mind in information from the senses of perception. Distraction of the senses from contact with one’s objects (Pratyahara).
  • Strengthen health and immunity. Since there are 70,000 points on our feet, the stimulation of which is of great importance for the body. These strands of nerves are connected to all the organs and systems of the body.
  • Restores the nervous system. When you stand on the board, you instantly forget about all the troubles. You get calmed down and balanced.
  • Stimulates the brain. Strong pressure on the points of the feet activates all parts of the brain (these points are located in the area of the fingers)
  • Trains the will. The ability to control both the body and the mind is developed.
  • Like any austerity, it works to burn off unfavorable karma.

The healing effect of the Sadhu boards

массаж садху

In Eastern philosophy, the foot is called the main tool of human contact with life, a projection of our internal organs. There are over 70,000 nerve endings on them. While walking, we unite with the earth and nature. Foot massage began to be practiced in Ancient China about 3000 years ago, and now it occupies an important place in Chinese and world medicine.

And what massages the feet best? Standing on nails!
Nail standing stimulates acupuncture points that activate restorative and healing processes in the body. According to Eastern philosophy, Practice helps to feel energy and strength, relaxes and relieves tension and spasms in the body. During practice, the person is revealed, all internal systems are cleared, reset and focus occurs. Due to modern living conditions, the mechanics of the feet are not fully developed, there is not enough tissue filling, residual products of cellular metabolism begin to accumulate, and the lymph is unable to remove all toxins.

Nail therapy stimulates blood flow, through pain the immune system is activated, which tones internal organs and removes blocks. It helps reset, forget anxiety and stress, increases productivity, making it ideal for office workers, effectively helps with at least 28 diseases, from headaches and depression to allergic reactions, stroke and problems with the spine, chronic neck pain , back and knees, as well as migraine and depression.

The sadhu board is the best foot massage you can think of. Imagine 400 nails under each foot. It’s like 400 fingers are massaging your foot.

What wood is the sadhu board made of?!


Even in ancient times, the possession of magical powers was attributed to the ash tree. That is why this wood was often used for making all kinds of charms and amulets. According to an ancient legend, the ash owes its name to its lush and openwork crown, which is able to easily pass the sun’s rays through it. Ash energy is peace and creativity. The energy of the tree is very light, unlike, for example, oak. It will bring the energy of revival and renewal to your home.

Just check it out – touch products made of this noble, beautiful wood and try to feel its magic and nobility.

You should not practice standing on nails in the following cases:
● epilepsy and epileptic seizures;
● stroke or heart attack suffered less than six months before practice;
● pregnancy.

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Sadhu board made of natural wood will be the perfect gift!

Buy a board

Board selection and personalization

The Sadhu board can be made according to your wishes with sharp (BASIC) and very sharp nails (PROFI).

You can also choose one of the engraving designs on the board, as well as specify the name of the owner of the board.

Sadhu board with personalization and original design will be the best gift for a loved one!

Заповніть форму та отримайте дошку своєї мрії!

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